RFP Website

Welcome to the website for the 2023 All-Source Request for Proposals (“RFP”) issued by Duke Energy Indiana (“DEI”). To receive updates about the 2023 RFP, please follow the instructions on the "Register" section of this website.

Duke Energy Indiana

Duke Energy Indiana is a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corporation. Duke Energy offers energy services to approximately 8.2 million customers in the Carolinas, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, and retail natural gas services to more than 1.6 million customers in the Carolinas, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. DEI is a regulated public utility primarily engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity in portions of Indiana. Duke Energy Indiana’s service area covers 23,000 square miles and supplies electric service to 890,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Request for Proposals

Duke Energy Indiana is committed to providing a reliable supply of electric power to its customers. In order to ensure adequate and reliable capacity and energy supplies to meet the needs of its customers, DEI seeks to acquire additional capacity, which at a minimum, meet industry-wide reliability and performance criteria and existing new source requirements for electric generation facilities.

DEI is undertaking an all-source Request for Proposals process and will consider both Intermittent and Non-Intermittent resources in support of the company’s capacity needs. To facilitate this all-sources process, DEI is releasing two separate but related solicitations to be executed in parallel.

Charles River Associates (“CRA”)

DEI has retained Charles River Associates (“CRA”) to manage the RFP process. CRA will facilitate the solicitation of bids for DEI’s acquisition or contractual control. CRA will serve as an independent third party to monitor and oversee the evaluation of all bids. Several important milestone dates for the RFP process are shown below:

Stakeholder Session November 3, 2023 (Click for details)
RFP Issued December 14, 2023
Appendix A: Notice of Intent and Appendix B: Non-Disclosure Agreement Due January 16, 2024
Appendix C: Respondent Pre-Qualification Application Due January 16, 2024
Respondents Notified of Results of Pre-Qualification Application Review January 19, 2024
Intermittent Proposals Due (including Appendix F) February 23, 2024
Non-Intermittent Proposals Due (including Appendix F) February 23, 2024
Bid Evaluation March - April 2024
Start of Additional Due Diligence and Definitive Agreement Phase April 2024